Sunday, July 5, 2009

to save you the trouble, can I move out?

well, FML.

just this morning you said to him "eh come on, don't drag her into the picture."

now what? you dragged an additional 3 people into the picture.
1 of whom shouldn't even be involved. and look at you go, could you not see the hurt on her face?

and it hurts like hell. fair?

if you wanna kill the fucker, go ahead and kill the fucker cause i don't give a flying fuck.
just quit hurting her alright. its not her goddamn fault, so you should just stop taking out on her.

and what's the point of "trying" to make it up to her when all you're gonna do is hurt her all over again like what you're doing now?
its just like splitting open a healing gash, letting it heal a little, then repeating the process over.
i lost count.

you see, i really hope its still not too late.
and you jolly well NOT regret what you've done.

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