Saturday, June 27, 2009

so now i shall rant about attachment.

this time, staff nurses there were quite good as compared to previous wards.
HOWEVER. it still sucked.

never got to see a normal delivery (the one thing that you don't ever get to see again, and is also the one thing i've been looking forward to, most)
- in this case, i might as well transfer over to kkh okay. at least got xuanah there lor. so wasted.

also how is it possible that an idiot(literally) who doesn't even know
- where the clean linens are
- where the blankets are (even when its RIGHT in front of her)
- how to change a BABY'S diaper
- to take responsibility of her OWN call-bells
(the list could go onnnnnnnn)
and still dare boast about it.

a freakin' B is a grade higher than so many, MUCH better, students.
and its just not fair.

its either they were all blind or the bitch butch is a really really good actress actor.

too pissed to carry on. bye.

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