Monday, June 22, 2009

so how was work?

well, the first week of attachment is over, finally, and it ain't good, but it ain't too bad either..

posted to O&G ward in NUH, wasn't what i expected. so the plan was every one of us would get only ONE day in the nursery and ONE day in the delivery suite. and the remaining days would be spent in the general O&G ward.

been to the nursery already, on the 18th, and i quite like it there i would say.

delivery suite on the 24th.. hope its full..

oh, and in the general wards, somehow, nothing much really happens so we end up doing the usual stuff, parameters and all..
but its still good...

sighhh... pm shift tmr.. bet time is gonna cccrrraaawwwllll......

and the PDA we bought for 550bucks just sucks. plus the internet connection works only when it feels like it = sucks even more.


moving on, i totally wasted my entire saturday, basically just fixing the damn internet connection again, and i'm so sick of it disconnecting all the time!!! damn...

okay.. not much to update on. so imma just post some random links... muahhaha

Short Film- A Thousand Words
okay, this one is totally awesome. its one of those stories when you understand what going on if you watch till the end.

Joe Jonas Dances to Single Ladies
haha okay, this one's really uh... indescribable.. haha bet some of you watched this alr..

T-Swizzle and T-Pain Rap Thug Story
and this is just cool even ryan seacrest twittered bout it.
and one of the highest voice you'll ever hear rapping.
and it doesn't hurt that its kinda catchy. haha
check out T-Pain's "BIG ASS CHAIN"
(this is a spinoff of her hit song "Love Story".)

Some people said she's just copying Natalie Portman though.
Natalie Portman Uncensored Rap (feat. andy samberg!)
super vulgar natalie portman, betcha never expected this from her

My Milk Toof

cute stuff.. lols

more cute stuff..
sighh.. if only such stuff exists in singapore.. heh.

GMH- Gives Me Hope
the optimists' version of F***MyLife

The Hillywood Show

they are who i call the SUPER AWESOME spoof producers.
damn spot-on, down to the makeup, actions and personality of the characters they portray.
check it out! haha
famous for their Dark Knight, Sweeney Todd(<3<3<3) and Twilight (<3 this too) spoofs.
new moon spoof will be out in 2010. LOLs.
(ps: they are like super hot too okay!!)

Twilight Widowers
uh-huh. title speaks for itself. written by a SUPER humorous guy.

Justin Timberlake as Ginger Bread Man

okay, imma end here, one more week of work!! go people!! :D

ps: i'm like super addicted to Harper's Island i need rehab. okay, i'm just exaggerating.

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