Monday, June 1, 2009

Mad World

the weekends sucked.
super noisy. super crazy.
and cause of what?

at least, thank god i'm not involved.
but still.
and i can foresee that the next weekend will be the same, probably worse?
cos history kinda repeats itself..

sigh. common test is in two A week. and i've barely started revision.
even worse now.
the monday after THE next weekend will be common test already.

so many things to think about.
so many things to decide.
so many things to change. and are about to change.

may i also add that, maybe, just maybe, you are making a mistake?

oh, and add an extra problem to my agenda please thank you.


also, she, they, whoever, NEVER gets the hint. do they?
3rd time around. still asking.
get get that idea out of your systems. is it that hard?
what is there to hold on to?

absolutely. nothing.


this seems to be my current writing style.
clipped. short. super disgusting.
sign of mental retardation. or whatever.
would you help me?

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