Sunday, May 17, 2009

Not a word of Thanks.

if you yourself practice it, why tell on others? so, how does it feel to have the same done back to you?

its just not fair. and no, you're not nice. at all.

and then you wonder, why they say that. you all but refuse to look at the mirror in front of you, and that, in itself, is the problem.

its a no wonder why they just disappear you know? and i don't blame them.. well, not quite..

and whoever gave you that wretched idea that i would ever go with you? especially with that attitude, you think so too highly of yourself. pity you know.

is it such a bad thing that some people require to do double? no, it isn't.
but do YOU understand? no, you don't.
why? maybe cause you're blessed. but maybe, you're blind too.

so why don't you reflect and put yourself in other peoples shoes. maybe by then, you'll see.

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