Sunday, May 17, 2009

Like water...

hello ya all!! :D i haven't been blogging lately... i know.. but there's either, just nothing to blog about, or stuff i can't blog about. which sucks. so would someone, anyone just give me inspiration..?

alright. so today, turns out i really didn't go for the class outing. which sucks too.
ah, well, nevermind bout that i guess..

spent my day on tv, computer, and what not.. moping about..
and the brother is back again for 2 days.. haha.. he sat on me again.. watever.

besides that, nothing much going on.. other than school, of course, which sucks worst. so far,
3 Presentations down

but then, in the next couple of weeks..
Psych Assignment will be due
NSL Practical freakin' Exam (which i will probably not do well for.)
NS 4 Written Assignment will be due

all right. that's about it for today then..

of course it doesn't make a difference.

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