Sunday, May 3, 2009

have faith

so i spent the day doing the freakin' NSL project with hamy and xuanah lovelies..
a wasted trip to HPB & SGH, and then some. ended up at vivo.
and all that's left is a visit to the doctor and pamphlet printing, presentation planning and abit of sorting out and we're done.. i hope.

long way to go...

tomorrow shall be spent on doing homework.


oh, and i came across these on msn just now..

20 Cancer Symptoms Women Are Most Likely to Ignore
25 Cancer Symptoms Men Are Most Likely to Ignore
Pains Men Should Not Try to Macho Through

people who are fine should not be paranoid.
and people who are already paranoid should try and control your paranoia, thank you.


sorry, i'm just trying to blog for the sake of trying to blog. muhahaha

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