Monday, May 25, 2009

(school project school project) X 100

okay, so today i had my NSL practical exam.
got the 12 Cranial Nerves Assessment.
and basically, i passed, but it sucked cos we were taught the wrong thing, and that the teacher had a permanent **** face and didn't know how to compromise.

exam is in less than 2 weeks time...
better get a move on..

2 projects and a mel quiz due on this coming friday..

oh, and lately, something's wrong with me.
and i dunno what.
probably exhaustion + PMS + shit happenings.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Not a word of Thanks.

if you yourself practice it, why tell on others? so, how does it feel to have the same done back to you?

its just not fair. and no, you're not nice. at all.

and then you wonder, why they say that. you all but refuse to look at the mirror in front of you, and that, in itself, is the problem.

its a no wonder why they just disappear you know? and i don't blame them.. well, not quite..

and whoever gave you that wretched idea that i would ever go with you? especially with that attitude, you think so too highly of yourself. pity you know.

is it such a bad thing that some people require to do double? no, it isn't.
but do YOU understand? no, you don't.
why? maybe cause you're blessed. but maybe, you're blind too.

so why don't you reflect and put yourself in other peoples shoes. maybe by then, you'll see.

Like water...

hello ya all!! :D i haven't been blogging lately... i know.. but there's either, just nothing to blog about, or stuff i can't blog about. which sucks. so would someone, anyone just give me inspiration..?

alright. so today, turns out i really didn't go for the class outing. which sucks too.
ah, well, nevermind bout that i guess..

spent my day on tv, computer, and what not.. moping about..
and the brother is back again for 2 days.. haha.. he sat on me again.. watever.

besides that, nothing much going on.. other than school, of course, which sucks worst. so far,
3 Presentations down

but then, in the next couple of weeks..
Psych Assignment will be due
NSL Practical freakin' Exam (which i will probably not do well for.)
NS 4 Written Assignment will be due

all right. that's about it for today then..

of course it doesn't make a difference.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

have faith

so i spent the day doing the freakin' NSL project with hamy and xuanah lovelies..
a wasted trip to HPB & SGH, and then some. ended up at vivo.
and all that's left is a visit to the doctor and pamphlet printing, presentation planning and abit of sorting out and we're done.. i hope.

long way to go...

tomorrow shall be spent on doing homework.


oh, and i came across these on msn just now..

20 Cancer Symptoms Women Are Most Likely to Ignore
25 Cancer Symptoms Men Are Most Likely to Ignore
Pains Men Should Not Try to Macho Through

people who are fine should not be paranoid.
and people who are already paranoid should try and control your paranoia, thank you.


sorry, i'm just trying to blog for the sake of trying to blog. muhahaha

Friday, May 1, 2009

its coming on again. hate you all, i really do.

week 2 was a slow, long, mundane week.
and the most interesting thing that happened was the placenta.
oh and chomel too, ham's kitten who has a very unkittenly behaviour.

and week 3 is starting soon.
which brings on the deadline of a few projects. not done yet.

- DM worksheet
- french homework

- NSL presentation

- NS 4 presentation

thank god its labour day.
so, the brother is home, out of camp for a day and a half. haha.

can you stay strong? can you go on?

there are just too many people i can say this to right now. plus one.