Saturday, April 25, 2009

party last night

sucked big time.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


did you hear the rattling of the window grills, and the slam of a door somewhere in your house? the howls of wind? the tiniest of branches breaking off? the wind came in gusts, huge violent gusts. like in a sweeping circular motion all around the clearing in the park downstairs. lasted just 10 mins or so.. it was phenomenal..


school sucks by the way, damn.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

picking up where i left off...

i finally, successfully got myself to resuscitate this blog, haha, i HOPE i remember what happened.. here we go! :)

09 April 2009
- Last day of attachment 1.2b (can't say i LOVE it, but i can't say i hated it (entirely) either), end of sore feet, end of waking up at ungodly hours, end of trying too hard, for now at least. but its, at last, the end of Year 1.. thank god, its been a bumpy year of drama and work.
- Met up with Ham, Xuan and Siti darlings for a short night out of FUN :P

it was so close i could have a heart attack
13 April 2009
- Monday, family and grandma sent bro off to pulau tekong for NS enlistment..
hahaha, i couldn't get over how comfy the place was!! definitely NOT what i imagined. LOL

14 April 2009
- went to (the super dusty)salvation army with xh:).. came out with a skirt, a bag, and MAJOR flu, i had to take a pill. i swear my nose could have fallen off and i would have been super happy.
had dinner, caught F&F4 after that and went to lot1 to walk ard somemore..
may2 dearie caught up w/ us after her yoga and we ended up at nyny for dessert.
15 April 2009

- went for a day out to orchard with nydia love :)
had sakae till we felt almost sick, walked ard wisma for abit and basically just chilled...
camwhored w/ nydia's cam, and i'm so fugly i can't believe it.

16 Apr 2009
-xh came down to my place for a VERY impromptu visit. :O
thanks so much for the whaley top sweetie!! :P

and we had maggie mee...
17 Apr 2009
-met up w/ nydia again for MORE shopping, at clarke quay and vivo.. :D

18 April 2009
-stayed home and zoned out infront of the comp all day cos my mum "cancelled" on me to be "with her phone". LOL
don't ask. haha

and so, tomorrow will be the 20th of April, which marks the start of Year 2.

Monday, April 6, 2009

4 more days...

i spent my weekend on some things.. and THAT movie. thirteen.
and i loved it.
hats off to nikki reed and catherine hardwicke mainly. if you haven't watched it, you really should.
storyline was really deep and insightful. and sad when you realise what its about..
co-written by nikki reed, on nikki reed's own life. super.
and the acting was top-notch too, man. totally worth it.

hmm.. and yes, attachment ends in FOUR days time. like FOUR freakin' days.
so effin' happy i tell you.. MUAHAHAHA

and its just past midnight!!
love ya tons woman!!! muahhh~