Monday, March 30, 2009

9 days to go...

hello world.

hmm.. so basically, five days of attachment passed, as expected? sian, but not so sian, but still sian.
and there's a freakin' case study to do too...

6th day of work starting soon.. morning shift. totally sucks la. LOL

okie, anyways, i've updated my rotting playlist... and stuff..
well, nothing much to write about, but

may you stay pretty and happy as always babe~~ <3<3<3
best wishes~! :D

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Attachment starts tmr...

4 weeks flew by...
too quick...
i bet the next three's gonna c r a w l along like nobody's business...
wish me luck.

bye, freedom.

Friday, March 20, 2009


results are out already..
i'm pleased :)
GPA of 3.4
not a bad way of concluding Year 1 (sans CA), i would say.
not an easy feat at all, for a brain like mine..

and the time tables are out too.
the teachers are all new. NONE of whom i've met at all.. creepyyy

everyday life

hello people!!
well, so i finally forced myself to type...
hmm.. well.. nothing much to say..

so lately, to sum it all up,
i've re-read the twilight saga,
been stuck on youtube 24/7 watching mindless stuff,
stuck on facebook's pet society,
gave up on facebook's pet society,
baked muffins, oddly enough 1/2 the tray was successful, the other half burnt. yea convection setting. remind me.
applied for a 4-day job a tad too late, hence, failure in aquiring it -.-,
finally applied for the french course,
moped around like a slug,
packed on the pounds.. (the jiggly kind)..

and basically, i think my comp will be like so happy it'll just jump out the window when attachment starts, hmm, which is in like.. 3 days.. uh-oh.. yeah.. its that near and i JUST realised the urgency of it all.. DAMN!

okie. anyway,

bits of stuff to check out (a few of the reasons behind combustion of my laptop, if it ever were to happen) :-

Boom! Roasted.

- Very Hilarious Interview (this is sooo funnay! like i've watched it a gazillion times and still can laugh at it)

- Lookbook (occasionally still stuck on it)

- F*** My Life (this one is so sadistically-entertaining! haha you read bout people and the silly things some of them do and the totally weird things that happen to them. LOL! okay, i'll quote a few.)

Today, I slept over at my friend's house but forgot my glasses. When I woke up in the morning, I came out of his room and forcefully kicked what I thought was a soccer ball on the floor. Turns out it was his miniature poodle - it fell down a long flight of stairs. FML

Today, I went to my friend's house. While she went to the kitchen, I noticed a little pink pastry on her desk. It looked really good, so I decided to take a bite before she got back. As I bit into it, a sizzling noise started, and foam overflowed in my mouth. It was a bath bomb. FML

Today, I stayed over at my grandparents' house. I woke up and had to brush my teeth. My grandma asked if I had found a toothbrush to use. I told her that I used my old purple toothbrush. She told me that was the toothbrush she used to brush her toenails. FML

Today, I was wearing my workout clothes that consist of short shorts and a tank top and was walking to my car. I then heard a bunch of men whistling and saying "Who's your daddy?" and "Why don't you come over here, cutie." As I got closer I realized that it was my dad and his friends. FML

Today, our school had tryouts for chorus. Everybody sang a snippet of the song together until the teacher stopped us, saying it sounded awful. He singled me out and told me to sing alone. After I sang the part, he said, "Son, your gift to God will be silence." FML

Today, I was curling my eyelashes in my bathroom and while I was counting to 5 my brother flung open my door. I jumped and ended up ripping out all my eyelashes. Now I have to wait until they grow back. FML

Today, I realized that my roommate has been using my loofah to clean our toilet. I've been cleaning myself with the shit of four college boys for the last six months. FML

Today, I waited two hours for my turn in the hospital. I was sitting next to an old lady with Alzheimer who asked me 43 times if I wanted a biscuit. FML

Today, I got a text message. My phone was sitting on the edge of the bed and set on vibrate, so it fell off. I reached down to grab my phone and fell off the bed. My macbook landed on top of me. I fractured my arm and broke my laptop to read a text from facebook. FML

okie, that's about it.


its 20march2008 already. and in about 6 hours or so... ... ...

Monday, March 2, 2009

Leopard-Printed world

i did my nails today. yay! took about 3 tries before i got it right. but it paid off.. sorta.. haha

also, today, attachment started for the first batch today..
good luck!! :D

i am so NOT looking forward to my turn...

Sunday, March 1, 2009

catching up...

i'm back!! woots!~~ i haven't been blogging for a long long time alr!!


first day of the hols!! went to marina with may2 and nurxuanah. haha. had fun.
bought a pair of sandals. like finally. and so begins the unbelievably-broke era.

basically i paid back my sleep debt accumulated over the exam period..
and i slept like i died.

went to lib w/ nurxuanah for a couple of super nice movies..
then used the comps there for a bit..

spent today sorting out all the digitalised gunk in my lappie. it was horrific.
cleared up my room and sorted out the notes from the semester.

oh my god. its march already.
granny came over.
continued sorting out the junk in my comp. lol
and then, when i was done, i went onto youtube and have been stuck on it ever since. muahaha

so that's about it. not very interesting huh.

very down lately.. post-exam i guess. but wadever.
take care you all!! ^^