Friday, February 6, 2009

lets start over...

French Exam was a killer. to the core.
we didn't even learn enough vocab to write those sentences and what? an essay full of it??
in the end, i think i did only just fine for sections 1 & 2. probably manage a pass each. but i think i'm gonna flunk the essay big time. and good news is? its 20 marks. awesome.
sian. i wanna sign up for 103 next semester again. that is if i pass this time round. what the hell.

NR presentation. gotta re-do. which is hell. not fair i tell you. why is it that other tutorials can get an A for our standard, while we have to re-do? its always us la. why ah?

lets just say that i'm staying rooted to where i am. i am team switzerland. like i've said so many times before. whatever it is. i don't care. ain't gonna care no more. and i hope you are true to what you say. not just to hold me off or something. storm's blown over for me. please don't pull me back in again. will be very thankful.

that major headache today that lasted through the entire afternoon i almost died.

i love ALL my friends loads. like really.

hey girl!!
thanks for today.
thanks for everyday.
thank you for everything.

please let me cut your fringe again. LOL. no la. just kiddin'
i know you secretly love my lameness. like totally.

you are my umbrella (ella-ella-eh) through some very
horrendous downpours.
and i thank you for that.

qi my dear.
i heart you loads too!!
i'm so so sorry that i've not been much of a friend lately.
projects, tests, drama. so tired this week. i hope you understand :D
thanks so much for offering your help all the time!!
but really, don't worry about me! i'm okay! take better care of yourself instead.
you happy jiu hao le. :)
its nice to have you as a friend.

p.s: eh you two!! dun gang up to kill me for posting those pics ah!! very cute la!! HAHA :P

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