Sunday, February 8, 2009

Happy Birthday AhMa!!

haha!! yup.. moi granny's b'day today :D
she is so uber cuteee!! XD love her lots

went over to my uncle's house for the celebration.. loads of ppl la.. LOL
pics are with cuzzie.. so too baddd


schedule changed again

10Feb - NSL Practical Test, Pharmaco Project due
11Feb - NSL Theory Test
12Feb - NR re-do Assignment due
13Feb - NR Written Assignment due, FON Class Test
16Feb - Study Week
20Feb - Finals

20Feb - Pharmaco Exam
21Feb - FON Exam
23Feb - AAP Exam
24 Feb - CMBio Exam

CMBio Quiz on MeL

exam on a saturday is "excellent".
so are exams in the STUDY week itself. wow right. i thought study week is meant for studying..

good lord.. now what?


and tmr, is gonna be like =.=
S&W lessons are over. + AAP lectures and practicals are done.
so imma like go sch at 2pm for just ONE friggin' hour of lecture.

i'm so not in the i NEED to study mood lor.
nevertheless, i'm hitting the books.

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