Sunday, February 1, 2009

am i dead or am i dead?

time for an update i guess..

01Feb - Complete my part for NR
02Feb - AAP Practical Test
03Feb - CMBio Mock MCQ Test, SAWI Presentation
04Feb - French L'imperatif Test
07Feb - S&W Last Lesson
11Feb - NSL Theory Test
15Feb - Finals

get what i mean?
from next week on, its gonna be pure HELL.
all of that, i haven't studied for, properly.
its first of feb. already!?

right. now, throw in study. no more library. no more books. no more movies.


i'm alice, you're pamela, she's liz.
as they say, that's life.
can you be too good a(n) _____?
its not you, its me. its never me, its you.
hey, stand up on your own two feet already please.

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