Tuesday, February 24, 2009

i hope you are fucking happy now.

do NOT pardon me for the vulgarities in this post. fuck it.
fuck you . fuck him. fuck everybody.
what the hell is wrong with you? all of you?

so you're putting everything on me again? why? like i said. favouritism. the reasoning done a few months back was a lost cause. as it always have been. even the one, years back. fuck that. when did you ever ever stop and listen to me? or yourself for that matter? do you have any fucking idea how goddamn ridiculous you sound?

please reflect alright. god knows if you will. maybe when it rains money, will you ever reflect.

me again. its all me. and for what? the cause? just a tiny tiny little matter. and you treat it like the sky is falling down.
from this one little thing. ONE. you jump to 3 fucking out-of-point, meaningless, pointless conclusions. how lame is that? just to make me feel bad.
nope not working. sad to say. go ahead.

cos i don't bloody care.

after so many years, you of all people should have worked out that i've gotten used to it. haven't you figured it out? oh, sorry, i forgot you don't have the fucking ability to do that, cos your too dumb.

the fucker's enjoying it? oh, so what?

so go on. side that fucker all you want. see if it breaks me.

Friday, February 20, 2009


to all taking their papers!!!

tomorrow's the first.
not really prepared.
i feel so dead.
i wish i hadn't looked at the past year papers. damn.

and pharmaco ain't the worst of the lot.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

lets all mug till our brains turn into liquid~

xuandoo take one leh!! ye eh leh!!! XD

HAH. HAH. HAH. i don't feel human nemore.. think i've gone slightly mad.

holding on to the goody-two-shoes attitude. mugging since monday. with xuandoo. LOL gonna go all out now

just the way to go. as always.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

do a little dance not a care in the worlddd

yeah!!! school is O-V-E-R. like finally.

but then study week starts today.
imma complete that aap quiz and pharm mock test by today. then decide where to start.
LOL. try to start.

20Feb - Pharmaco Exam [9-11am]
21Feb - FON Exam
23Feb - AAP Exam [9-11am]
24 Feb - CMBio Exam [2-4pm]

can't wait man.
but soon after, clinical attachment will start for 3 friggin' weeks
and then, year 1 ENDS!!! :D


Happy Valentine's Day!!! <3<3<3

Friday, February 13, 2009

Just one more day!!!


if nr doesn't make the cut i swear imma just die.

if i don't pass my fon class test tmr...

after nr, after fon, one more Pharm mock exam to pull through, plus AAP e-quiz 1?

we shall see..

this week has got to be the worst week since poly started. ever.

How can I decide what's right
When you're clouding up my mind?
I can't win your losing fight
All the time.

Nor can I ever own what's mine
When you're always taking sides
But you won't take away my pride.
No, not this time.
Not this time.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


all over again.


nsl theory sucked as well. i'll leave it at that.


NR presentation by tmr. die
NR 2000 report by friday. die X 1000000

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

NSL Practical SUCKED big time

i did "not so good leh".

yea. and thats that. go figure. i got my previous CI for the assessor lor. Kimberly Ng. excellent right. not.

anyways over le. i dun care alr. if its a D so be it la. LOL
i think i passed. i think. she didn't say anything.

so tmr there will be NSL Theory test. for which i think i'll do badly too.
esp those memorisation stuff. =.= which is quite practically everything, no?

imma go study like now. so buh-bye.

For those who've yet to take your NSL, GOOD LUCK!!! =D

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Happy Birthday AhMa!!

haha!! yup.. moi granny's b'day today :D
she is so uber cuteee!! XD love her lots

went over to my uncle's house for the celebration.. loads of ppl la.. LOL
pics are with cuzzie.. so too baddd


schedule changed again

10Feb - NSL Practical Test, Pharmaco Project due
11Feb - NSL Theory Test
12Feb - NR re-do Assignment due
13Feb - NR Written Assignment due, FON Class Test
16Feb - Study Week
20Feb - Finals

20Feb - Pharmaco Exam
21Feb - FON Exam
23Feb - AAP Exam
24 Feb - CMBio Exam

CMBio Quiz on MeL

exam on a saturday is "excellent".
so are exams in the STUDY week itself. wow right. i thought study week is meant for studying..

good lord.. now what?


and tmr, is gonna be like =.=
S&W lessons are over. + AAP lectures and practicals are done.
so imma like go sch at 2pm for just ONE friggin' hour of lecture.

i'm so not in the i NEED to study mood lor.
nevertheless, i'm hitting the books.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

just when everthing seemed to finally go right.

you have to come and destroy the peace. wtf.
then you go all gooey. then what next?

check this out *faint*

10Feb - NSL Practical Test, Pharmaco Project
11Feb - NSL Theory Test
12Feb - NR Assignment
13Feb - NR Written Assignment due, FON Class Test
16Feb - Study Week
23Feb - Finals

CMBio Quiz on MeL

Friday, February 6, 2009

lets start over...

French Exam was a killer. to the core.
we didn't even learn enough vocab to write those sentences and what? an essay full of it??
in the end, i think i did only just fine for sections 1 & 2. probably manage a pass each. but i think i'm gonna flunk the essay big time. and good news is? its 20 marks. awesome.
sian. i wanna sign up for 103 next semester again. that is if i pass this time round. what the hell.

NR presentation. gotta re-do. which is hell. not fair i tell you. why is it that other tutorials can get an A for our standard, while we have to re-do? its always us la. why ah?

lets just say that i'm staying rooted to where i am. i am team switzerland. like i've said so many times before. whatever it is. i don't care. ain't gonna care no more. and i hope you are true to what you say. not just to hold me off or something. storm's blown over for me. please don't pull me back in again. will be very thankful.

that major headache today that lasted through the entire afternoon i almost died.

i love ALL my friends loads. like really.

hey girl!!
thanks for today.
thanks for everyday.
thank you for everything.

please let me cut your fringe again. LOL. no la. just kiddin'
i know you secretly love my lameness. like totally.

you are my umbrella (ella-ella-eh) through some very
horrendous downpours.
and i thank you for that.

qi my dear.
i heart you loads too!!
i'm so so sorry that i've not been much of a friend lately.
projects, tests, drama. so tired this week. i hope you understand :D
thanks so much for offering your help all the time!!
but really, don't worry about me! i'm okay! take better care of yourself instead.
you happy jiu hao le. :)
its nice to have you as a friend.

p.s: eh you two!! dun gang up to kill me for posting those pics ah!! very cute la!! HAHA :P

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

acknowledgment. nope. not in your vocab.

right.. update on the upcoming tasks..

04Feb - French Test, S&W Last Lesson
05Feb - NR Presentation
10Feb - NSL Practical Test, Pharmaco Project
11Feb - NSL Theory Test
13Feb - NR Written Assignment due
16Feb - Study Week
23Feb - Finals

02Mar - Break
23Mar - Clinical Attachment (till 10 freakin' APRIL)

so far...

tmr no NR lecture.. 4 hours of nothingness STUDY.

yea i can do it. imma be a good girl.


so far, that AAP Practical studying paid off quite well, should manage a pass at least :P
and that CMBio mock paper was =.=

Monday, February 2, 2009

its just the beginning.

wrapped up AAP practical revision.
not really prepared.. somehow..
WISH ME LUCK MAN!! i'll sure need loads of it.. or not. haha.

oh, and damn. AAP e-quiz is out...

Sunday, February 1, 2009

now i know.

its not what i thought.
its just like a ledge on the edge of the cliff you rest on to go farther.
not the reward.
how "smart".
how cunning.

am i dead or am i dead?

time for an update i guess..

01Feb - Complete my part for NR
02Feb - AAP Practical Test
03Feb - CMBio Mock MCQ Test, SAWI Presentation
04Feb - French L'imperatif Test
07Feb - S&W Last Lesson
11Feb - NSL Theory Test
15Feb - Finals

get what i mean?
from next week on, its gonna be pure HELL.
all of that, i haven't studied for, properly.
its first of feb. already!?

right. now, throw in study. no more library. no more books. no more movies.


i'm alice, you're pamela, she's liz.
as they say, that's life.
can you be too good a(n) _____?
its not you, its me. its never me, its you.
hey, stand up on your own two feet already please.