Thursday, January 22, 2009

my life is SO happening *rolls eyes*

yea, my blog went into a 3-day coma cos i have nothing to say cos tests are coming up and so is the BIG exam. and the projects that i so wanna get over and done with but can't seem find the concentration to get a move on. and the deadlines are approaching..

anyways, nothing much to say la..


ytd.. attachment posting out again.. hai.. NUH again sia.. wad to do. 2nd batch somemore.. X.X
but surgical ward this time.. pray damn hard it will better than the last attachment..
and i so don't want the same CF okay. kns one.


AAP Retest on Fri
FON Presentation on Fri
Pharmaco Project
Pharmaco Presentation next Tues
French Test next Wed
NR Project

awww.. and i'm lagging behind in everything... shat.
nvm i shall jy big time. wahaha.

CNY coming somemore. lagi worse sia.
aft CNY, test. plus make-up classes cos of CNY -.-


Xiaxue's wiki page is damn LOLs lor. whoever is doing it is destroying the page with LOL humour lor. haha. every time she doesn't update something will be added sia. this one newest liao. LOL-ed

On 17 January 2009, Xiaxue was arrested for dangerous driving after crashing a pink Honda Civic into a popular Indian take-away restaurant just off Singapore's busy Orchard Road. According to legal reports, the accident was caused after Xiaxue tried to adjust her false eye-lashes in the rear-view mirror without looking where she was going. Fortunately nobody was hurt in the incident, although the owner of the Indian restaurant, Mr. Ratish Patel, is pressing charges against Xiaxue for damage caused to the shop's entrance and front windows.


regret overdose X 2. big time.
i can't help it. sorry. i so want you to come back into our lives.
but damn, i'm happy for you :) really.
best of luck.

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