Thursday, January 29, 2009

Life's a bitch.

Wednesday was quite sucky for me... boo.
cabbed to school cos i was freaking late for class. AGAIN. like forever.
but i shouldn't have.. a day's allowance gone. :( and the lesson wasn't much help either.


then it was cmbio, which was totally @_@

and then it was french. test today instead of last week, cos got talks by french organisations...
and i sucked totally for the test. wth. it could have been much much much much better can. :( so bad i want to cry.
very very unsatisfied. very very frustrated. very very angry. very very emo-ified.
next week, yet another test on L'imperatif.
also next week, there will be AAP practical test which i would totally have to buck up for.
ALSO next week, SAWI presentation.
ALSO (!!) next week, CMBio Mock Exam.

shall i e x p l o d e now?

tomorrow, meeting in school at 9 for preparation of pharmaco presentation, which starts at 10, last till 11.
then guess what? its effing break. for FIVE. EFFING. HOURS. cos lecture starts at 4pm, till 6pm. awesome right? no.

what the heck are we supposed to do for those FIVE hours!?!?

you will never never be happy with what you have. so grow to accept it and move on. its Life.

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