Sunday, January 4, 2009

last day of rotting...

school starts tomorrow :(
man. then comes the assignments, projects, tests, exams, crap.

from tmr till Feb 15,
would be mugging X infinity

then Feb 16 to Mar 1,
would be EXAMS X_X

then Mar 2 to Apr 19,
would be Break and Attachment D:

and Apr 20 2009,

i hope i'll make it to Year 2 laa.. wth..

*sigh* *sigh* *sigh*


Yesterday.. moi went to salon... wahaha
and i cut and dyed moi hair. like finally right. lol..
but i kinda miss my black hair leh.. wth.. LOL..

and today, i finally completed and submitted my FON essay.. super lor, i'm so guai i shocked myself.

now contemplating whether or not to do freaking NR. god.

and i seriously hope i can wake up AND be on time for school tomorrow lor..
wah... this holiday.. my hour clock is like SIAO like that, its scary..
i sleep like at 4?? and wake up at and ungodly time.. like almost everyday sia.. shattt
will someone be my alarm clock?? plsplspls?? HAHA i think got alarm clock also no use one sia.
cos i'm LATE QUEEN!!! :D

okay. i'm outta here.

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