Saturday, January 10, 2009

Its the weekend~~~

its Saturday.. supposedly involved in the open house.. heck care la.. dun wanna go alr.. LOL

its was okay.. haha kinda boring..
NR was cancelled. yea. but its like the whole class, except the 3 off us knew that. ppfftt... so nvm lo. chilled on the stairs outside the room. :) and then.. played with the balloon Ham got from HMS block.. we got and idea like out of the blue... you know, the helium thingy.. makes your voice go all donald-ducky.. damn funnayyy.. we were i was laughing like siao. like on crack XD


Check this out too!!! SUPER FUNNY: Mythbusters- Helium and Sulfur Hexaflouride

the quality of the "helium-ed" video isn't very good.. so you can't really hear properly... cos my phone sux. LOL.. but it was funny!!! xuanhui's helium-ed voice is the cutest la!! super laughable.. HAHA.. pardon the very scary laughter. thanks.

*apparently, inhaling helium could be dangerous... if you were to inhale pure helium from the pressurised tank, your lung could rupture or hemorrhage lor. so serious sia.. got suicide by helium also wor... o.O

school is boring.. like seriously..
today, lots of lectures...
then went to library aft school and watched "Something About Mary" with soon kueh.
haha, it was quite alright :)


quite a few projects to do... :( and its like only the FIRST week of school!!! :( boo
Practically ALMOST every freakin' subject. good effing luck.

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