Wednesday, January 7, 2009

i am breaking my resolutions already!!

LOL. you go guess which one lo!! not #11 k. i'm not LATE. yet.

LOL.. today went to jurong point with suan + may2 today :D
had an effing good time. cos we went to pizza hut.
and i swear the guy at the table next to us seriously thought we were SIAO. like really. LOL
and may2 actually gets high on ice lemon tea leh.. whoa.. like super high lo.. HAHA XD


right. tmr shall be an extra extra long day..
8am -10am S&W make-up
2pm -4pm CMBio lecture
6pm - 8pm French

aww.. and the photos taken on mon... is like alot lo.. like 300+ eh.. so scary lor..
currently organising them.. i'm dizzy just looking at them all.. LOL

oh, and i watched the "try" video. yet AGAIN.
like one comment siad, "this video is a drug".

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