Friday, January 2, 2009

How did your first day of the new year go?

Mine sucked.

Warning: An i-am-trying-very-hard-not-to-sound-emo-cause-i'm-not post is coming right up. skip right by if you don't wanna read. doesn't really matter..

anyways, it wasn't peaceful like it should be. he disappeared. she visited. he became an ass. and she became a monster. start of story. end of story. nothing more to say.

i read someone's blog just now. perfect match babe. awesome. and i really really admire your wisdom. :)

okay. i'm gonna be really random. still trying to get back the blogging-thingy..

hmm.. might go cut moi hair tmr.. sheeshhh.. i dunno..

and i've been a saint today. god knows why.. i didn't know i could do that..

i crashed on the couch just now for 4 straight hours just now. watching of all things, Oprah. and Harry Potter. and i am officially a potato.

i really don't think its gonna be a good, peaceful year.. nope.. not at all..

i broke #5 of my resolutions just now. already. cool.

i've got this constant dull-throbbing headache and i think i've got brain tumour..

i really want to start on work man. 4 days to start of school. 3 days to get a 500-700 word essay, and an 800-1000 word essay done. god bless me.

i just realised my perfect laptop doesn't have Microsoft Word. W-O-W

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