Sunday, January 11, 2009

don't any of you realise?

you, fool, listen up.
you wanna be a hypocrite? i can do the same to you too.
if you wanna talk about it the way you do, go on, i really don't give a shit.
really subtle method girl. that's sarcasm if you haven't picked it up.
and i don't know, really, i don't, what the f**k i did. if only you'd enlighten me?
instead of going around hurting everyone in your way?

and you, moron.
you are so very childish.
the things you say and the things you do, the way you act, doesn't tally. sometimes i really wonder why you say that about people when all you've really been complaining at is YOURSELF. don't you know? i really hope you don't, honestly, i rather believe you don't, so it hurts less. even me, you dare complain about! and you don't know how it sounds coming from you? it sound like a load of old tosh. written down in black and white, is all that you've been talking against about. and, curiously, its in me you bury your misery in as well.
can't you see how much i'm doing for you?!
how stupid is that?

and you,
don't you know what you're doing to me? how i FEEL? or are you just dumb and heartless?
what is taking you so long?
my faith in you is flickering. almost gone. you could say it already has.
what is left now is just a feeling and nothing more.
and the worst thing is. ALL AROUND me. every. single. puppet knows.

and you too, you bitch.
i know how i am. and i know it sucks. but must you really do that? what the f**k.
look at yourself. its all kinda fake. and all day, you criticize this and that, its annoying and plain MEAN. what did they ever do? to us? no, scratch that, to YOU? since its all you ever think about.

and i thought i was lucky.
i want to find back the person who really stood by me. although occasionally very anger-inducing, you're very... true.
i want to say i'm sorry for ever doing all that to you. if i ever did anything at all.
don't you know?

you don't strain. you don't judge. you don't pick. and i like that about you.
now? the world seems to be against me. once again. and now with a mask too.. wow..

don't ANY of you realise?

1 comment:

~ ♥ J E SS I C A . T said...

certain people doesnt realize. and the rationale why they can do any bitchy or any other uncouth things to u just shows that they're bitter.
so dont sink to their level and stress over it babe.

they ain't worth it =)