Sunday, March 1, 2009

catching up...

i'm back!! woots!~~ i haven't been blogging for a long long time alr!!


first day of the hols!! went to marina with may2 and nurxuanah. haha. had fun.
bought a pair of sandals. like finally. and so begins the unbelievably-broke era.

basically i paid back my sleep debt accumulated over the exam period..
and i slept like i died.

went to lib w/ nurxuanah for a couple of super nice movies..
then used the comps there for a bit..

spent today sorting out all the digitalised gunk in my lappie. it was horrific.
cleared up my room and sorted out the notes from the semester.

oh my god. its march already.
granny came over.
continued sorting out the junk in my comp. lol
and then, when i was done, i went onto youtube and have been stuck on it ever since. muahaha

so that's about it. not very interesting huh.

very down lately.. post-exam i guess. but wadever.
take care you all!! ^^

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