Wednesday, December 3, 2008


firstly, i am unable to log on to the internet since 30 nov.
therefore, i haven't been blogging.
which makes me kinda miserable.
which makes me so angry.
and i wanna punch my laptop.

and now, i have to resort to using np's computer.

attachment sucks.
i hate the system.
i hate the environment.
i hate everything.
i wanna go back sgh man.
the forms are like so different??!!
first day, orientation alr started working.. very blur.. parameter charts. all the charts.. all gong one.
second day third day kns also. nothing to do one, as compared to sgh. call bell can one whole day ring just once or none at all.
somemore renal ward, nothing much to learn= nothing much to sign for logbook. later fail how?!!

today got the french results back.. abt 1/2 the class failed??
passed with a pathetic 67%. and nope. i'm not proud. of course not. and cos of this, i want to punch someone and say orh be good in her face. i get the last laugh, yet again. even if the results suck. shame on you. tsk.

one month w/o french. happy or sad? boo.

i think i've gone mad over twilight?? but not quite?? gee.. its a weird feeling..

ps: god knows when i will be blogging again man.. :(

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GAGAY said...

good day! merry christmas..dropping EC here..hope to see u at mine! take care!