Friday, December 19, 2008

hello people!!!

uh... wow.. its been so long since i blogged man..
forgotten how to blog alr..

hmm.. so my comp's been back in working condition for about a week alr.. and i needed a hiatus from blogging too..


01/12/08 - 12/12/08 --------------------------
attachment at NUH.
mostly.. everything passed in a blur and i didn't bother so much this time and paid the price for it, reflected in the stupid logbook. great.
i hate working there..
and somehow, during those days, i managed to change my passport (ugh.. the process was painfully slow..) , allowed myself to stupidly buy "New Moon" (which made me broke), collected the "Tales of Beedle the Bard", "celebrate" my birthday, spend approximately $120 bucks, and go crazy over the twilight saga.



13/12/08 - 14/12/08 --------------------------
Malacca trip..
it was alright.. just a tad boring..
the river tour, and the nyonya food was nice though.. teehee :D
trip was supposedly 1 day only.. but somehow.. our coach broke down and the new one had to be caught in a jam. ah well, it WAS the weekends..


15/12/08 ------------ caught "Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist" --- 4/5 stars :D (GO CATCH IT!! NICE!!)
AND, "Four Christmases" --- 2.5/5 stars (it was too real for a good movie.. but insightful i guess..)
and i spent an obscene amount of money too..


16/12/08 ------------
went out with nydia :)
to yuki yaki
and i bought "Eclipse" (book. NOT the mints.)

so, do the math yourself.


17/12/08 ------------
spent the day at home clearing up the laptop.. whoa.. 17 days of untouched digital mess.
took a long, long time..


18/12/08 ------------
supposedly, to finally watch Twilight. (its the official opening day in Singapore see..)
but my god damn phone had to be an asshole! perfect timing i tell you..

sorry xuan.. and so i spent the entire freaking day moping around the internet.. and i just had to stumble upon "Midnight Sun"!!! WTH!! (uh.. its Edward version of Twilight)
err.. its kinda nice you know :P go check it out if you wanna.. :D Link 264 pages of goodness ^^
and today,
bought yet another book of the saga "Breaking Dawn" (and i hereby, declare myself bankrupt)

oh!! and.. i finally caught Twilight!!! :D


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