Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last day of the year people!!

oh man!! time walked by this year. yup. not too fast nor too slow..
but school is gonna reopen alr and i HATE it!!!!! ROAR

got your new year resolutions ready? i haven't.
done your "holiday homework"? i haven't.
planned anything for the year ahead? i haven't.


today, you turn eighteen!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

see? i told you i FORGOT how to blog.

anyways, i'm still alive!!! and now imma sum up what i did since christmas. (practically NOTHING) so don't bother reading if you don't want to.


so christmas,
wasn't much fun.
just chilling in front of the comp. then the tv. then back to comp. repeat cycle a few more times.

then added a few more songs to the playlists as well! :P

boxing day (first weekday after christmas for those who dunno)
hmm.. repeat above cycle..


ShiQi called me and asked me out!! surprise lo. wasn't expecting to hear from her.. miss her lots!!

went out to Lot 1 just to chat..
so, accompanied her to her haircut.
then went to KFC for lunch.
(oh crap).
then went in and out and in kiddy palace to shop for stuff...

then went to sit somewhere to chat somemore.. LOL-ed.

then went to look for jobs..

-nyny. no vacancies.

-pastamania, got to fill in the form and said they might call us back for interview ard mon or tues. (yeah right, like they EVER do)

-pizzahut. oh my god. a particular TRAINEE by the name of WILLIAM is a ******. he thinks he's the manager or what? wth. what kinda attitude eh? nice.

then went to bus interchange to chat somemore then headed home..
Thanks for asking me out and laming with me, my dear. or i think i would of stuck to the seat infront of my comp alr. LOL.


was rot rot rot rot rot.
made pitas for dinner.. it was.. cheesy.. LOL

was a total rottttt at home day.


today supposed to go to may2 house to TRY and do SAWI project.. but didn't. sorry..
and i haven't seen sunlight for 3 days already so i think i'm turning into a vampire already. (yeah i'm still not over it.)


can someone please force me to start on my schoolwork pleaseee.
freaking school starts in about 6 days. and i'm really freaking out alr.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Joyeux Noël!!!


Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas!!!

hope all of you enjoy my Christmas Playlist!!! <3

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

i gotta stop watching movies man!!!

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist +
Four Christmases
Twilight =


but still!!
went out with maymay and xh loves to watch...

its awesome!!! 4.5/5 stars <3
the movie screams one word at you throughout : TEENAGERS!!!
(enter at your own risk!)

Twilight is ruining my life!!! UGH!

well! i promised myself to post pictures of at least the malacca trip (not much though..), but look!! didn't happen!! cos Stephenie Meyer ate my life.

<---------- Go do the quiz!!! I DON'T CARE!!! (WHAT? I'm BORED.)

PS: there's news that tonight (23 Dec 08), there will be an exclusive "The Making of Twilight" on Channel 5. muhahaha

Friday, December 19, 2008

hello people!!!

uh... wow.. its been so long since i blogged man..
forgotten how to blog alr..

hmm.. so my comp's been back in working condition for about a week alr.. and i needed a hiatus from blogging too..


01/12/08 - 12/12/08 --------------------------
attachment at NUH.
mostly.. everything passed in a blur and i didn't bother so much this time and paid the price for it, reflected in the stupid logbook. great.
i hate working there..
and somehow, during those days, i managed to change my passport (ugh.. the process was painfully slow..) , allowed myself to stupidly buy "New Moon" (which made me broke), collected the "Tales of Beedle the Bard", "celebrate" my birthday, spend approximately $120 bucks, and go crazy over the twilight saga.



13/12/08 - 14/12/08 --------------------------
Malacca trip..
it was alright.. just a tad boring..
the river tour, and the nyonya food was nice though.. teehee :D
trip was supposedly 1 day only.. but somehow.. our coach broke down and the new one had to be caught in a jam. ah well, it WAS the weekends..


15/12/08 ------------ caught "Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist" --- 4/5 stars :D (GO CATCH IT!! NICE!!)
AND, "Four Christmases" --- 2.5/5 stars (it was too real for a good movie.. but insightful i guess..)
and i spent an obscene amount of money too..


16/12/08 ------------
went out with nydia :)
to yuki yaki
and i bought "Eclipse" (book. NOT the mints.)

so, do the math yourself.


17/12/08 ------------
spent the day at home clearing up the laptop.. whoa.. 17 days of untouched digital mess.
took a long, long time..


18/12/08 ------------
supposedly, to finally watch Twilight. (its the official opening day in Singapore see..)
but my god damn phone had to be an asshole! perfect timing i tell you..

sorry xuan.. and so i spent the entire freaking day moping around the internet.. and i just had to stumble upon "Midnight Sun"!!! WTH!! (uh.. its Edward version of Twilight)
err.. its kinda nice you know :P go check it out if you wanna.. :D Link 264 pages of goodness ^^
and today,
bought yet another book of the saga "Breaking Dawn" (and i hereby, declare myself bankrupt)

oh!! and.. i finally caught Twilight!!! :D


Wednesday, December 3, 2008


firstly, i am unable to log on to the internet since 30 nov.
therefore, i haven't been blogging.
which makes me kinda miserable.
which makes me so angry.
and i wanna punch my laptop.

and now, i have to resort to using np's computer.

attachment sucks.
i hate the system.
i hate the environment.
i hate everything.
i wanna go back sgh man.
the forms are like so different??!!
first day, orientation alr started working.. very blur.. parameter charts. all the charts.. all gong one.
second day third day kns also. nothing to do one, as compared to sgh. call bell can one whole day ring just once or none at all.
somemore renal ward, nothing much to learn= nothing much to sign for logbook. later fail how?!!

today got the french results back.. abt 1/2 the class failed??
passed with a pathetic 67%. and nope. i'm not proud. of course not. and cos of this, i want to punch someone and say orh be good in her face. i get the last laugh, yet again. even if the results suck. shame on you. tsk.

one month w/o french. happy or sad? boo.

i think i've gone mad over twilight?? but not quite?? gee.. its a weird feeling..

ps: god knows when i will be blogging again man.. :(