Tuesday, November 11, 2008

yay!!! one chore OFF my shoulders..

i am totally a ponteng + late queen lo!! :D
sunday night.. chiong project. end up do only a few pages wor.. then was uber uber tired.. kena nagged.. then sleep till late for school so decided to pon liao...

that teacher dunno talking wad also la. can't understand a word he says. not to discriminate.. but i really think foreigners shouldn't be allowed to teach in Singapore. cos they've got this slang and accent.. and its so difficult for local students to catch what they are saying while the students from the same foreign country as the lecturers actually do. its just not fair?


right. skip that.
so i turned up for the swimming lesson only. cos if i miss that, imma have to do make up lor. wahaha
and we swam laps again... but it was fun :D


last night slept for two hours too cos a little bit of my sense of urgency hit me.
chiong project till 95% finish. then study a lil' bit of nsl.

oh yea. the nsl. practical. test.
i totally screwed it up big time okay. i was so damn damn damn nervous and i don't know why!!!
and i got blood glucose monitoring. and i had to prick the teacher??!?! SHAT.
and the teacher's blood so hard to collect la!!! so little can!??! then in the end the result is hypo somemore lor. then she laugh muhahaha. okay la. broke the ice a little. not so scary..
and this topic is so easy. too easy. too easy till you will forget to do and verbalise some things.


then just now got stupid cmbio quiz. and we weren't even notified of it beforehand!!! how to BLOODY do well you tell me?!

okay. nvm. so currently in the library... sawi assignment completed. mel quizzes completed.
now its time to tackle the upcoming common test. which could be next week and i feel so dooooomed.

wait... where's my sense of urgency again?

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