Tuesday, November 4, 2008

we are all trying... too hard... far. too. hard.

right. today. sat for the cmbio quiz i missed. can say i die alr.

okay. so tomorrow got extra class of the eff-ing aap. and i so don't eff-ing know what the teacher is saying.

and exam is just around the corner.. common test to be exact. and i'm so not ready for it. my memory ain't ready.. never is. never will... and i feel like quitting school. but i know i mustn't. shit. i really hate this feeling.

right. and i want to skip school tomorrow. i don't want to sit through the damn aap tutorial la. what for? and after the damn aap, there's nr? and its like so not worth going.. cos we learn practically NOTHING. and after that, cmbio.. NYP ain't studying the subject, why should we? nothing more to say.

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