Thursday, November 27, 2008

time to laze around and rot!!!

Common Test over alr!! :D
and surprisingly, after an entire night of last minute cramming, i must say that cmbio ain't as scary as i thought it would be..
actually, i think this may be my best paper of the five...
and most probably the only one i'll pass.


so, i'll do the honours of presenting the gone-case statistics!!! :D

5down, 3 to go!!!

oh yea!! i got my Twilight today.. like FINALLY!!!!!
and i preordered the tales of beedle the bard!!!
and i'm super happiieee!!!! :)

and i got my tank tops
and if things go as planned, no rain or whatsoever, tmr can go class outing!!!

and enjoy life!!!

oh. hey. wait.
reality just sunk in. and punched me.
now common test is over and done with,
its time to do nr project. due during weekend..
and after nr, attachbloodyment starts on 01 December.
oh, and if common test didn't make it, retests to worry about.

Conclusion: time to laze around and rot!!! NOT.

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