Friday, November 14, 2008


wee~~ i think the aap lecture hall empty today lo!! :D

haahah okay this post is gonna be so random. cos i am so sian and i dunno how to write what i wanna write.

anyway, went lot with missy soh aft sch just now.. hai... shop lo.. $15 bucks gone.. -.-

oh! i finally got my shades!!! =D yay?

i wanna more bangles
i wanna more shades
i wanna more money and i dunno where they flew to..
i wanna go zurich.. eh... for good.. ???
i wanna work elsewhere
i wanna further studies cos i wanna
i wanna go backpacking
i wanna be invisible for a day and do god knows what
i wanna i dunno what i wanna.
i wanna a camera
i wanna chocolate
i wanna hoodies
i wanna shop shop shop until i faint
i wanna watch twilight
i wanna read twilight
i wanna read tales of beedle the bard
i wanna fast forward time at will

em.. oh.. the high school musical 3 was so cheesy and nice and not nice and woo~~ at the same time i dunno what to say about it. *3.5/5*

oh ya. i wanna buy twilight, like, now. omt. i can't take it alr. shat.

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