Saturday, November 29, 2008


class outing at was alright..
met up at palawan beach.. then played.. gossip.. wadeva wadeva. till this morn..

there was a peacock on the beach ytd!! LOL

tanned and fun in the sun and sand and in the clear, blue, cooling water of the sea.. chilling under the big blue sky peppered with fluffy white clouds..

then lazing around in the calmness of the night under a blanket of stars.

reached home bout 8.30am or so.. and K.O-ed.

more pics with salleh.. so wait for that yea :P
shit always happens people.. but when it does, don't let it get you down.
that's the hard part we all have to learn.


next up, nr deadline postponed till monday 5pm.. don't think imma do much of it.. not started yet... dead.

-attachment at NUH this coming Monday. for two weeks.. T.T
-after attachment, malacca trip?? i think.. heh.. 1day only -.-
-then christmas
-then new year

and then, it'll all start again. boo.

psstt.. my birthday is coming!!! XD

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