Sunday, November 9, 2008

Remembrance Sunday @ Kranji War Memorial

went for the Remembrance Sunday Ceremony today with Qi. met her at YT at 7am.. cause the ceremony starts at 7:30am.. wahaha late queen was late again!!

ahem. anyway, went to Kranji War Memorial to do the SAWI project lo. and we were so "heng" it rained. -.- despite that, there were many many people attending!! many foreigners too!! came down specially to see their relatives' grave..

reached there, just in time for the presentation of the poppy wreaths. then followed by the 2-mins silence, followed by "The Post". then a few hymns...
ended ard 8am or so wor.. quite fast. so we proceeded to walk ard.. bought the poppies.. then took some pics for the project.

the Kranji War Memorial was really beautiful and peaceful.. with the extremely neat and manicured lawns.. its all quiet and green and very very relaxing. oh gosh. i'm like out of word to describe this place la. but its AWESOME.

currently my SAWI is like only 45% done la. gone case.

NSL Practical Test is like 0% revised? gosh.

okay. imma post the pics then i'll go rush my SAWI. tata~
" Their Name Liveth For Evermore"
Poppy wreaths from people around the world..

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