Saturday, November 22, 2008

mug X infinity .not.

yea... studied 3 and 1/2 chapters of fon so far... good alr hor..

i've got 30% of my sense of urgency back!!! wee~~

currently pondering whether to rush nr assignment.. exam ends on thurs. due date for assignment on fri.. might as well not do sia.. hai..


schedule for tmr, (not gonna put timing coz sure wont follow de lo..)
-study FON
-study NSL

-study at least 2 chaps of pharm..
-revision on french


schedule for monday
7am- cry prepare to go school, revise abit(hopefully)
9-10am- climb into coffin FON Common Test

10-12pm- swimming lesson
12-1.30pm- go home, bathe, bitch abt test...
---STUDY X infinity


wadeva la.

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Cheddarina said...

Good luck for your coming exam....