Saturday, November 1, 2008

if i were a boy...

i think my computer's gone crazy alr. i've reboot-ed it like 3 times so far... and my laptop isn't looking so good either. so if both crashes, ... i think i'll just die of boredom.

i just realised how much work there is to do. but i'm still not moving.. so someone please throw some motivation in my face. oh my gosh. i'm really starting to doubt if i can make it through poly.


oh, if you're wondering, the title's got nothing to do with this post at all. i just really like the song. its by beyoncé. =D

but something happened just now that made me think.. if i were a boy... but its all good :)

and the net seems so empty.. since last night... its like everyone got drunk during halloween and K.O-ed for the whole day. even kennysia's tagboard died ytd. cool~

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