Monday, November 17, 2008

i want to get away for a while...

the weather is really nice today!! i love it when it's so cold.. but not so cold to the point where you shiver.. perfect. and it reminds me of wanting to get overseas!!! haii.. i wanna go to cape town.. switzerland.. oh man, i better not start again.

erhem. so today swimming lesson we learnt how to .. eh.. dive?.. yah. anything la. haha was kinda fun...
but we so suay de lo.. next week is common test alr. but swimming lesson still on lor. :(
and also twice, during the school vacation wor.. stupid attendance system.. so inflexible..

oh yea.. omgomgomg next week is the COMMON TEST ALR. i'd better get a move on sia.. only really studied 1 chapter of cmbio! out of everything! arrgghh. but STILL as always i can't seem to remember ANYTHING!


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