Sunday, November 2, 2008

(i can't think of a title!!!)


so today, i tried to switch on my desktop. and it died as predicted. shat.
then i went to try the laptop. and guess what? it went crazy too and hanged everytime it reaches the start menu. goodness.. then i gave up..

and i finally started revising!!! =D like just highlight stuff la.. nothing went in.. but at least i read up right? boo. revised a bit only though.. :(

so.. i'm using my mum's lappie now.. :X shhh.. dun say i say one..

anyway, i received the pictures of the dance party.. not much.. just two.. but its awfully nice of the photographer to like send them to us, at all!! :D he's Kai Wen from npTribune btw!! =D

unfortunately.. i don't know what the hell happened to blogger. i can't seem to be able to upload the photos!!!!! ROAR
next time then!

hmm.. oh ya.. just now when the next plane home song played, it sounded like mutated daniel powter singing.. its like the voice turned all raspy and hoarse and scary.. i think its just the speaker? not the music?

oh and i watched the twilight trailers, *click*(1)*click*, *click*(2)*click*, again just now.. its
coming out in cinemas soon!! 21 nov 08.. and i'm so gonna watch it!! :)

oh, you guys may have alr read the article..
the harry potter and the half-blood prince movie's supposed to screen on 21 nov 08 one.. like twilight.. but some writer strike things happened then its like pushed far far back to 17 jul 09 la. so damn WTF can. ROAR. more than half a year back can.
and then stumbled upon the trailer of the movie. then even more ROAR la. WTF.
there are two hp trailers, *click*(1)*click*, *click*(2)*click*, made so far.. and if you can say you ain't gonna watch it... you're not human.

set your zoom level to 200% for best viewing pleasure!! :D

and its 2nd of nov!!

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