Thursday, November 13, 2008

i am such a slacker!!!!!

oh my tian!!!
people are already started planning to study!! i think some started alr lo!! ROAR

and i'm so not in the mood to study!!! school started like 5 weeks ago?? and i'm STILL in holiday mode!! gosh...

AHEM. ytd leh.. went to sch so sian lor. 2 hrs cmbio only. then after tt got french for like 2.5hrs lor!! which is 30 mins longer than usual.. cos of the confusion last week or something la. reached home bout 10pm.
then went blog and blogshop hopping. cos i very sian can anot.

then today dun have the 4hr nsl lesson!!! wee~~
but still gotta go sch to bo-liao..
nr learn nothing as usual.. then pharmaco also learn nothing cos the teacher is stupid. dun understand how she can be a lecturer.
in our blood got wad? platelets, wbc, rbc all those right.
she said in our blood got veins arteries and capillaries. *clap clap clap* thats the most informative thing i've learned in my entire life.
oh oh!! liver is pronounced as [LI-VOU] btw!!
go her lesson is solely for attendance and entertainment purpose only.
qiqi bully me again. as always. so i bite her. muahaha. i heart you lots lots!! N.O.T.

tmr no nsl too!!!! YAY!!! but still have to go school at freaking eight obscene a.m. D:

saturday will have the first aider course for the marathon too...


I'm not a girl,There is no need to protect me.
It's time that I
Learn to face up to this on my own.
I've seen so much more than you know now,
So don't tell me to shut my eyes.
I'm not a girl,
But if you look at me closely,
You will see it my eyes.
This girl will always find
Her way.

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