Wednesday, November 5, 2008

i am so gonna not make it.

okay. so. i'm in the bloody school now..
cos got comp to use. like duh. okay.. got siao lang (crazy person) beside me... i'm so freaked out. he keeps going "oh my gaaawwddd" then giggling to himself.

anyway, supposed to have french virtual classroom lesson become no lesson la. wa.. waste my time sia..

oh ya.. obama won :D ... ... nvm.

so went to check mel. and i feel so doomed. alot of rubbish sia
next tues is the doomsday.

next tues, 11/11/08 is the damn SAWI assignment deadline. on MeL. i haven't started. to be frank..
next tues, 11/11/08 is the NSL Practical Exam alr. i haven't practiced. or read up even..

then the cmbio folder.. dunno what tutorial 5 document la. kns.

then nr group assignment... what crap.

oh, back to NSL, there will be a quiz uploaded by friday 07/11/08.

then pharmaco's online quiz. due on friday.

and of course, the bloody common test. its gonna be in our face for the whole week 6 and 7.

and come december, attachment starts again. for two damn weeks.

what crap.


i totally don't know what to do about the bloody SAWI okay. shit.
the subject is so irrelevant. that i want to tear the irrelevant book and stuff it in the irrelevant school's face.

okay. its like 8:30 now. and the crazy person is like singing to himself. real loud. ya. the person on my other side gave him weird looks lor. still dun stop la. gee... i think he's watching porn la. right. i'm out of here.

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