Sunday, November 30, 2008

bad luck comes in threes.

it's true.
i was sceptical at first too.
but after so many experiences, i've grown to believe it.

if i've counted right, this "curse" should end right about now.
she went mad and started nagging at everyone in her vicinity. sadly, house was empty at that point in time except for me and my grandma of course. and i was unluckily at the receiving end. perfect timing eh? wadever.

you started my dear. you. it always has to be like this. and you got me worried. i thought i needed to get you checked out. well, let me tell you this, GO. TO. HELL.

shit happened again.

have you realised, that when you hate someone real bad, you start to notice him/her more and more, and when that happens, you find that sometimes, some traits that you hate about that person are reflected in yourself.

in other words, sometimes, when we feel we hate someone, its really just us hating ourselves.

then, we start to reflect about ourselves, about people around us and the things that make up our life, and we try so desperately hard to change. sometimes unsuccessfully.

praise god, for life's mirror.

i've got the answer you are looking for, for so long :
you drove them away my dear, not the other way round. (else, why in the world would perfect strangers say exactly the same thing running through my mind?)

told you so.


on a totally different note, attachment starts tomorrow and i'm not looking forward to it. dang.
first day, just orientation. from 8am-4pm.


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