Wednesday, November 26, 2008

4 down, 5 to go. (yea. you read that right.)

today's AAP was as predicted. A goner. Totally.
and i'm so damn dumb. i remember the "OhOhOh" thing. in the end, question ask, but dunno what the question's asking for. so write wrong bloody answer when i could of gotten full bloody marks (at least for that question)..


French? lets just say that i'm really sad.
studied so hard. what came out in the test was all chimology. Grammar being the biggest culprit.

i'm hoping that my short essay will pull me up though.. its the only thing i really know for goodness sake.
and the first two sections? it'll be a blessing if i get more than 5 marks. combined.

and no, there's no retest. so if i fail, i can't go on to next term, which means imma kiss bye bye to my $160.50.


i hereby present the true statistics of a gone-case person with a gone-case goldfish brain.

4 down, 5 to go.

know why?

tomorrow will be CMBio Common Test.

add on,
FON&NSL Retest
Pharmacology Retest
AAP Retest
CMBio Retest.

awesome right.

why do i always get the worse of the lot? geez!!!

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