Friday, October 31, 2008

you have not one bit of sense, nor understanding..


holy tian. tmr got a damn cmbio quiz and i didn't even open my cmbio book for revision today. nope. not one single bit. and i think i'm going to die. oh ma gosh. motivation is missing man. gee..

i am slacking.. more and more.. no matter how much i try to study. and as usual, nothing ever goes in... sighhhh...

SAWI assignment, NR assignment, Pharm mel quiz, nsl worksheet, french assignment.

good lord.

oh, and there isn't nsl tmr yo. so BY RIGHT, school will start with stupid fon at 8 freaking am, then at 10am we'll have a 2hr long break. after that, will be fon tutorial. for one hour, then 2 hour break again. then 2 hrs of bloody aap.

would you want to go to school if you were me? maybe.
but i don't. i don't want to go to school so FREAKING early for just 2 hrs of lecture followed by a 2 hr break. i don't want.

why is school so unappealing this semester? tell me pls.

but then, there will be the party tmr!!! :D hmm.. hope it isn't a let down..


oh, and suan, i think i'm finally finally catching on to the magic of stephenie meyer. why did i ever buy the eclipse? :P
now i can't wait for the movie to come out la. walao.


okay. imma go sleep soon...
but i wanna thank my beloved qiqi for pei-ing me today. :D thanks a million man!! :D
although you almost froze me.. on the train.. with your lameness. >.<

peace out~~

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