Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Why are things going haywire?

allow me to side-track a lil'. ahem. the photos in the kl/genting post are courtesy of missy soh, and google. (uh.. you want the link?).
only a minority of it was taken by my dumb camera. sang-kiu.


what an excellent start for the new semester. i totally like it. love it.


firstly, as i've mentioned, lecturers are so whatever now.
secondly, my timetable sucks.
thirdly, i now seriously think miss ong's not gonna be our nsl teacher. and i pray with all my might that its not gonna be the dumb barley clark person (term NOT coined by me).
fourth, something in school (of all places..) really annoys me right now. not only me i should say.

and LASTLY (i seriously hope it would be), now my internet is fine, my COMPUTER'S gone bonkers. the start bar & menu is gone totally. and i can't use microsoft word, notepad, or even access my music, pictures or any files for that matter. and now, i've to use the task manager to open windows. which is mighty sian.


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