Monday, October 27, 2008

this is so damn frustrating.

wa... i think i need to smash my laptop to powder.

i can't seem to concentrate on school work and i'm so frustrated!!!!!
nevertheless... i'm happy that i finished my nsl, french and 1/2 of my SAWI assignment la.

eh..the other 1/2 of the dumb SAWI dun care alr la. dunno how to do lo. sian. and i find it so dumb that nursing students have to study things like SAWI. Singapore and World Issues. Well.. we may need to know about economy and stuff like that. but do we need to go as far as writing essays on places of interest in singapore!?!!??! i dun get it lor!!! ROARRRR

oh ya.. just so you guys know, there's a finance quiz on mel you can do. gives you ONE cca point just for doing the boring boring quiz. ya.. i'm desperate la. who cares man. dun say i never share hor. LOL.

tata~~ :D

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