Tuesday, October 21, 2008

life's NOT good.

i'm gonna blog about a few things... hmm...
today school was boring. very boring. pharmaco and 3 hrs of crappy sssllllllloooooooowwwwwwwww cmbio all in one day.
oh, then there's the rainforest party thats gonna take place :D soon. like 31 oct!! :) hahaha hope there's still tickets man.
okay. then... i think my ******* something wrong again. shit.
and then. here comes the part where i shall say WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF.
asshole. got this kind of things one lor. you tell me. lynn called the other day.. saying attachment in dec will be at the same hospital, with the same ppl, only different ward lor. WTF.
then today go mel. WTF. i become attachment in NUH. WTF. with COMPLETELY different people. WTF. NONE of whom i know. WTF. in ward 55. WTF. and i have no idea at all if the people there's gonna be as nice as sgh's w75a. but WTF. why of all people i'm having attachment with, its gotta be ME who changes? why can't it be the treat-patient-like-animal person? WTF. its like not small change okay. WTF. its a HUMONGOUS BIG change okay. WTF. always me lor.

on the other f**king hand, could it be a blessing in disguise? could this be like an opportunity for me to see what nuh is like? so i can make the bonding decisions better? that i'm gonna be in the same hospital as xuan and salleh and maymay??

but then, got so many factors for me to want to stay in SGH know. WTF. for me, sgh more convenient ba. then i'm more familiar with the surroundings. won't feel so lost ma. and i've alr considered 70% sgh for bonding lor. and i'm quite sure i won't even sign for nuh la. then if w64 get the kimberly woman i also won't mind sia. cos she mark quite lenient de. WTF. why the f**king sch must do this to me huh. i wanna kill myself alr.

WHAT. THE. F***.

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