Friday, October 10, 2008

I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

the stupid internet went bonkers yet again. so i was mia.. before the kl trip. even the day before the trip, it wasn't working la. ROARR

then monday came and i was off to KL/GENTING!!!!!!!!!! :D
the trip was kinda fun. not as fun as i expected, but still enjoyable. ^^

it was relaxing somewhat.. and i've never seen so many palm trees in my entire life. very GREEN.

and i think i miss kl and genting already... including the super sucky hotel which doesn't even have a fridge. or a cabinet. or aircon (erm... not that we needed one really.. cos its already so cold..). and the constant headache throughout the trip. wahhaha

so, just gonna type those highlights. else this post will be never ending.
Day 1,
we stopped first at Yong Peng in KL. to buy the flies lunch and watch them die in it. have lunch and toilet break.

then second stopover at Times Square for "shopping" (nothing much to shop lor. and the prices were equivalent to singapore. so not much shopping done). and we ended up chilling at Starbucks.

and then, we headed over to Chinatown-Petaling Street. it was much much more interesting as compared to times square la. you get to bargain too.. very fulfilling... wahahaha

then it was getting late.. and we headed to Radius Hotel. got a room overlooking the pool. and the aircon was duper cold la. lol. salleh and me had PILLOW FIGHT!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!~~~ IS FUN DE OKAY!!!!! :D :D :D and suan bom caught us on camera!!! thank you very much lor!!! wahahhaah. then maymay came over!!! and we painted our nails. WAHAHAAHA.

Day 2,
we had breakfast in the hotel's Cafe in the Park which wasn't in a park.

then after brekkie, packed our luggage and continued our journey to genting.. stopped at Petronas Twin Towers for group and personal photo taking!! :D

then it was all the way to Genting Highland. took the gondolas(cable cars) up from Goh Tong Jaya. it was steep, and really really really misty. just a tad boring. rainforest view all the way..

then when we finally arrived, we were given free time of 4 freaking hours around First World Plaza. nothing much to shop too.. but still, better than times square. had lunch at kenny rogers, went for the super ticklish fish spa, and we ended up at Starbucks, yet again. LOL. took pics too!!! :D and the marble cheesecake was freaking niceeee.

then we finally checked into First World Hotel. :D and we watched tv and just chilled..

Day 3,
got the wristband for the all park after breakfast, then headed out to the outdoor theme park!! ahahah at that time, the more interesting games weren't working yet. so we played only a few games, then went back to first world plaza and booked movie tickets. LOL :D

wahahaahah. the went to another Starbucks. then talked bout when we were young. and omg lor!!!! ham and suan's childhood so happening de okay. walao. not fair. mine so boring lor. lol.

then after chatting, we went to waste more time while waiting for the movie. we went on the indoor Euro Express for multiple times lor. i think they think we're siao one. LOL. then we got bored and went to play the adult Bumper Car. LOL.

then went to catch DISASTER MOVIE!!!!!!!! :D lol. M18 movie somemore. we are such great liars. no la. it was freaking easy de okay. ahhahaha it was boring, but hilarious!!! ahahahaha and the cinema there was much much much better than Singapore's Lido okay. which has a urine smell, very poor quality screen, and if the person infront of you has a big head, you can't see a thing, cos the seats are all built on the same level, not on steps.

erhem. so, after the movie, went to the outdoor theme park!!! and it was duper duper duper misty at the end. cos it was gonna rain.. but it was really nice.. just like standing amongst clouds..

then we went to snow world!! which was within the first world plaza. oh, and it was FREAKING cold!!!!!!! SUPER DUPER COLD. like -5 degrees. and the snow got in our shoes and it burned our feet and it hurts like hell. but it was ABSOLUTELY FUN you shouldn't miss it. then took photos tooooooo :D ahahhaha then we played the sledging thing which hurt our butts. and xuan got a mighty scary bruise on her hip cos the stupid stupid guy at the top doesn't know how to estimate time and just push you down the slope, as soon as, no, scratch that, even before you are seated properly. one after the other. and we went down backwards. and at the bottom, suan crashed into or flew over this boy lo. who was unharmed. poor thing lo suan. we should of climbed to the top again and stuffed his face full of the salty salty snow la.

okay, then we went back to the hotel again. warmed up abit, then decided to get dinner of instant maggi. shopped at this Lacey Lace shop on the way...

Day 4,
headed back to kl.. stopover at a supermarket... eh... i forgot the name... bought a hell lot of things lor. HAAHAAH

then second stopover at Nilai to shop. it was freaking warm and sunny there. ahhahaha.

then continued on back to Yong Peng again. for toilet break. we were supposed to be headed to Geylang Patah one leh. dunno sia. then our guide switched to bus 1 and we didn't go anymore?? kns. !*&%^&

then went to customs alr. walao. dun wan say bout this part lor. WADDAHELL. LOL. then bus dropped us off a bukit gombak. wahahhaaha. and our trip came to an end at ard 8pm.

i'll post pictures maybe tomorrow!! :)

and cos i wasn't in Singapore, i missed wishing 3 of them loves.

Oct 5th,

Oct 6th

Oct 7th



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