Tuesday, October 28, 2008

i wanna spray my whole damn room with insecticide.

around 2:30am, i was rudely awakened by a stupid bloody tiny mosquito. damn it. 5 bites.
so i was damn angry la. the bites were HUGE okay. spent 15 mins "hunting" for the damn pest.

saw it on my beloved bolster lor. then i tried to catch it la. nb. thought i got it. but i opened the tissue to find it empty lor. nb. so went back to sleep after fruitless searching for a bit more.

then 15 mins later, 6 more freaking bites appeared okay.
so got up yet again. found it. (supposedly) caught it. nb. spent yet another 20 mins waiting and searching for it okay.

then finally gave up. and spent the whole damn night on the couch lor. and it was bloody sweltering.

so idiot okay. then came back from school. found it. (supposedly) caught it again lor.

walau.. i think this particular mosquito is reincarnation of Houdini lor. asshole.

wa... just now de CSI shi scary de lor.

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