Friday, October 24, 2008

i really really hate myself sometimes.


common test is so damn near now. in just a few months weeks time. shit. and i'm still quite lost.we didn't get very good teachers this time round lor. haiiii so far.. i only feel nsl teacher is okay lor. at least can understand what she say ma.
fon lecture also can la. although lessons so boring but can understand can liao lor. fon tutorial is a whole different story can. the teacher... talk like machine gun liddat.

wa.. then the important subjects like aap and pharmaco, the teachers all... walao.. dunno what they talking one okay. i think imma die this time round lor.
why can't we friggin' get teachers like dr thomas or dr ronnie they all huh. walao.. gone case..

i am so lagging behind too lor. shit. totally no motivation left at all after the holidays lor. feel like forgotten how to study alr la. -.-
NSL got worksheet, SAWI got individual & group assignment, french got homework. all haven't do lor. shit.
hmmm... thank god monday is holiday lor.

today salleh never come school lo.. so much less laughter sia.. ):

and today's lessons all so boring de lor. dun go sch also can sia. pui.

wahahahaha oh ya. sim got this "flea market" thing.. idiot lor. make me even more broke than i alr am la. siiiiiighhh

okay. i've made up my mind alr. i shall try and do all my homework tomorrow. try. else i seriously think i won't go on to year 2.

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