Monday, October 20, 2008

i am so sian.

okay la. so i dun feel like talking but the sat outing liao. but i wanna say i enjoyed it :) and hammie's mama's mee soto damn nice de k. muahhahahaha :D


ok. so fast forward to today, hmm... first s&w lesson.. as you all may alr know from the FAKE usain bolt (in the tagboard) i joined swimming and i dreamt night and day for my entire life to become micheal phelps.

was okay. tiring... but could be worse oh.. :)
coach wasn't that bad either.. haahhah

can't say it was fun.. it was infact, quite boring cos all we did was swim laps...
but i rather be bored in water than on land. seriously. at least can build sandcastles in the waterrr... :D actually i needn't have worried so much bout so many things... but i do still need to get my blue shirt lor. *sigh*

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