Friday, October 31, 2008

you have not one bit of sense, nor understanding..


holy tian. tmr got a damn cmbio quiz and i didn't even open my cmbio book for revision today. nope. not one single bit. and i think i'm going to die. oh ma gosh. motivation is missing man. gee..

i am slacking.. more and more.. no matter how much i try to study. and as usual, nothing ever goes in... sighhhh...

SAWI assignment, NR assignment, Pharm mel quiz, nsl worksheet, french assignment.

good lord.

oh, and there isn't nsl tmr yo. so BY RIGHT, school will start with stupid fon at 8 freaking am, then at 10am we'll have a 2hr long break. after that, will be fon tutorial. for one hour, then 2 hour break again. then 2 hrs of bloody aap.

would you want to go to school if you were me? maybe.
but i don't. i don't want to go to school so FREAKING early for just 2 hrs of lecture followed by a 2 hr break. i don't want.

why is school so unappealing this semester? tell me pls.

but then, there will be the party tmr!!! :D hmm.. hope it isn't a let down..


oh, and suan, i think i'm finally finally catching on to the magic of stephenie meyer. why did i ever buy the eclipse? :P
now i can't wait for the movie to come out la. walao.


okay. imma go sleep soon...
but i wanna thank my beloved qiqi for pei-ing me today. :D thanks a million man!! :D
although you almost froze me.. on the train.. with your lameness. >.<

peace out~~

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


-.- i am so sian now. today bring my laptop for nothing. my arms ache for nothing. my bag heavy like siao for nothing. wth.

and i dunno if i should be happy or angry wad lor. french lessons are like ending earlier and earlier. and the things we learn per lesson (in comparison to the 101 course) is like 1:5 lor. serious. sigghhhh...

anyway, tomorrow got nsl for 4 damn long hours. i feel like ...


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

i wanna spray my whole damn room with insecticide.

around 2:30am, i was rudely awakened by a stupid bloody tiny mosquito. damn it. 5 bites.
so i was damn angry la. the bites were HUGE okay. spent 15 mins "hunting" for the damn pest.

saw it on my beloved bolster lor. then i tried to catch it la. nb. thought i got it. but i opened the tissue to find it empty lor. nb. so went back to sleep after fruitless searching for a bit more.

then 15 mins later, 6 more freaking bites appeared okay.
so got up yet again. found it. (supposedly) caught it. nb. spent yet another 20 mins waiting and searching for it okay.

then finally gave up. and spent the whole damn night on the couch lor. and it was bloody sweltering.

so idiot okay. then came back from school. found it. (supposedly) caught it again lor.

walau.. i think this particular mosquito is reincarnation of Houdini lor. asshole.

wa... just now de CSI shi scary de lor.

Monday, October 27, 2008

this is so damn frustrating.

wa... i think i need to smash my laptop to powder.

i can't seem to concentrate on school work and i'm so frustrated!!!!!
nevertheless... i'm happy that i finished my nsl, french and 1/2 of my SAWI assignment la.

eh..the other 1/2 of the dumb SAWI dun care alr la. dunno how to do lo. sian. and i find it so dumb that nursing students have to study things like SAWI. Singapore and World Issues. Well.. we may need to know about economy and stuff like that. but do we need to go as far as writing essays on places of interest in singapore!?!!??! i dun get it lor!!! ROARRRR

oh ya.. just so you guys know, there's a finance quiz on mel you can do. gives you ONE cca point just for doing the boring boring quiz. ya.. i'm desperate la. who cares man. dun say i never share hor. LOL.

tata~~ :D

Happy Deepavali

Here's wishing all Hindus, Jains and Sikhs a Happy Deepavali!!! :D

hmm... offifial date is actually 28th Oct. but the holiday is today!!! :D

Friday, October 24, 2008

i really really hate myself sometimes.


common test is so damn near now. in just a few months weeks time. shit. and i'm still quite lost.we didn't get very good teachers this time round lor. haiiii so far.. i only feel nsl teacher is okay lor. at least can understand what she say ma.
fon lecture also can la. although lessons so boring but can understand can liao lor. fon tutorial is a whole different story can. the teacher... talk like machine gun liddat.

wa.. then the important subjects like aap and pharmaco, the teachers all... walao.. dunno what they talking one okay. i think imma die this time round lor.
why can't we friggin' get teachers like dr thomas or dr ronnie they all huh. walao.. gone case..

i am so lagging behind too lor. shit. totally no motivation left at all after the holidays lor. feel like forgotten how to study alr la. -.-
NSL got worksheet, SAWI got individual & group assignment, french got homework. all haven't do lor. shit.
hmmm... thank god monday is holiday lor.

today salleh never come school lo.. so much less laughter sia.. ):

and today's lessons all so boring de lor. dun go sch also can sia. pui.

wahahahaha oh ya. sim got this "flea market" thing.. idiot lor. make me even more broke than i alr am la. siiiiiighhh

okay. i've made up my mind alr. i shall try and do all my homework tomorrow. try. else i seriously think i won't go on to year 2.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

i <3 my friends!!!!! :D

PICTURES!!!!!!!!! taken during NSL's break (:

Introducing missy soh's hand. please stare long and hard at the hand.
thank you :D

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

to change or not to change..

i'm still pondering over the attachment thing.... siiiggghhhhhh....
actually made up my mind alr... to accept fate lorr... then just stay in nuh la. then i realised that its so bloooooooooddyyyy hard to get to lor. siao. then morning shift like that i sure die. sgh so simple la. two mrts can reach liao.... wth wth wth. i am so so so so so damn confused!!!!! but if say wanna change to sgh also most likely cannot one lor. wth. the two "new" people, one sure won't wanna change one. the other one i dunno is who lor. WTH.

okayy.... shan't talk bout that alr for now.. today got french... mostly is refresh what we learnt...
still on the same lesson as last week eh... hmmm... i think we are lagging behind lor...
wahahaha.. then watched movie.. "Antoine and Colette". quite nice de wor... :) heng got subtitle.. walao.. they speak french like machine gun one lor. fast until.....

then next week must bring laptop... -.- haiii... so heavy... heng i got laptop lor. if not another thing to worry about sia... cos none of them taking french from nursing lor. means all got laptop lor. siao liao...

tomorrow lesson starts at freaking 8 freaking o freaking clock freaking am. and so does freaking friday.
tomorrow first thing in the freaking early morning is nursing skills for 4 freaking hours straight lor. die.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

life's NOT good.

i'm gonna blog about a few things... hmm...
today school was boring. very boring. pharmaco and 3 hrs of crappy sssllllllloooooooowwwwwwwww cmbio all in one day.
oh, then there's the rainforest party thats gonna take place :D soon. like 31 oct!! :) hahaha hope there's still tickets man.
okay. then... i think my ******* something wrong again. shit.
and then. here comes the part where i shall say WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF.
asshole. got this kind of things one lor. you tell me. lynn called the other day.. saying attachment in dec will be at the same hospital, with the same ppl, only different ward lor. WTF.
then today go mel. WTF. i become attachment in NUH. WTF. with COMPLETELY different people. WTF. NONE of whom i know. WTF. in ward 55. WTF. and i have no idea at all if the people there's gonna be as nice as sgh's w75a. but WTF. why of all people i'm having attachment with, its gotta be ME who changes? why can't it be the treat-patient-like-animal person? WTF. its like not small change okay. WTF. its a HUMONGOUS BIG change okay. WTF. always me lor.

on the other f**king hand, could it be a blessing in disguise? could this be like an opportunity for me to see what nuh is like? so i can make the bonding decisions better? that i'm gonna be in the same hospital as xuan and salleh and maymay??

but then, got so many factors for me to want to stay in SGH know. WTF. for me, sgh more convenient ba. then i'm more familiar with the surroundings. won't feel so lost ma. and i've alr considered 70% sgh for bonding lor. and i'm quite sure i won't even sign for nuh la. then if w64 get the kimberly woman i also won't mind sia. cos she mark quite lenient de. WTF. why the f**king sch must do this to me huh. i wanna kill myself alr.

WHAT. THE. F***.

Monday, October 20, 2008

i am so sian.

okay la. so i dun feel like talking but the sat outing liao. but i wanna say i enjoyed it :) and hammie's mama's mee soto damn nice de k. muahhahahaha :D


ok. so fast forward to today, hmm... first s&w lesson.. as you all may alr know from the FAKE usain bolt (in the tagboard) i joined swimming and i dreamt night and day for my entire life to become micheal phelps.

was okay. tiring... but could be worse oh.. :)
coach wasn't that bad either.. haahhah

can't say it was fun.. it was infact, quite boring cos all we did was swim laps...
but i rather be bored in water than on land. seriously. at least can build sandcastles in the waterrr... :D actually i needn't have worried so much bout so many things... but i do still need to get my blue shirt lor. *sigh*

Sunday, October 19, 2008

everyone should go to flea markets once in a while!!! :D

haahahah today (yesterday rather, its past midnight..) was a day out with xuan and salleh :D

i'll blog the details next time cos i think imma knock out in front of the comp soon. ahahhaha

anyway, flea markets. i bought a cotton on bf's shirt, for just 3bucks okay. in perfect condition somemore. and a bracelet, 5 bucks, and a bracelet/necklace for 2 bucks!! :D duper stuffy, crowded and dusty that my nose almost came of afterwards. but worth it :)

Friday, October 17, 2008


KL/Genting Trip. -pictures courtesy of salleh's camera!!
Pictures taken on monday's 2-hour break. wahahaha. courtesy of salleh's omg-so-nice phone. hahaha, we mixed our faces!! :D


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

things are still not looking better... sighh

bloody hell lor. today got the stupid sports & wellness lecture lor. i can't believe their lameness and stupidity.

they said that they waited for us at the lecture theatre for ONE HOUR. in the end, we never showed up. and later, they found out that we are having lectures somewhere else.

good lord. the damn email said to report for the damn lecture as stated in the damn timetable. and the damn timetable showed s&w on damn thursday. so we went to the lectures stated on monday. and the damn lectures we in progress so, so far nothing wrong ma. then on freaking monday, they then announced that the freaking s&w lecture will take place on wed (which is today). still nothing wrong. then only when we reported for the damn lecture today did they tell us that they have been waiting for us on monday.


so what happened leh?!?!!? the only freaking sports left are the mostly the ones people WON'T WANNA CHOOSE LOR. NB. LIKE DUH. and each one had only abt 15-20 vacancies. go and die la. how to choose you tell me. we plan so long what to choose.. in the end.. wtf lor.

then the damn people talk as if its our fault, to have not known that the lecture is on monday. that its our fault we went for pharmacology lecture instead. that its our fault we are suay.(we were EXTREMELY suay la.).




on a totally different note, french 102 started today!!! :D and it was great. new lecturer, mr rodriguez, he's damn cute de lor. sense of humour is fantastic de can. funnier than mr guillaume. not that he's not good. he's great too!! :D

hahaha and finally, finally, this time, i can see a flicker of hope in the class. oh, and this time too, the class have got TWO SIAO PEOPLE. GOTTA BE INTERESTING. muahhahaaha

random. the stupid textbook and workbook which costs around $60 bucks, have a damn dumb title okay. its called taxi! with an exclamation. and mr guillaume doesn't know why its called taxi though. not even relevant. damn. and i dun dare take it out to lighten my 100kg bag lor. wtf.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Why are things going haywire?

allow me to side-track a lil'. ahem. the photos in the kl/genting post are courtesy of missy soh, and google. (uh.. you want the link?).
only a minority of it was taken by my dumb camera. sang-kiu.


what an excellent start for the new semester. i totally like it. love it.


firstly, as i've mentioned, lecturers are so whatever now.
secondly, my timetable sucks.
thirdly, i now seriously think miss ong's not gonna be our nsl teacher. and i pray with all my might that its not gonna be the dumb barley clark person (term NOT coined by me).
fourth, something in school (of all places..) really annoys me right now. not only me i should say.

and LASTLY (i seriously hope it would be), now my internet is fine, my COMPUTER'S gone bonkers. the start bar & menu is gone totally. and i can't use microsoft word, notepad, or even access my music, pictures or any files for that matter. and now, i've to use the task manager to open windows. which is mighty sian.


oh man. first day of school.

sucks already. can't imagine how the rest of the semester's gonna be like man. the lecturers are no better than last semester okay. in fact, i would say, WORSE. how the hell are we gonna make it?? geez.

AAP is the usual sucky memorisation??? FON, teacher changed. voice of teacher, unchanged. interest of subject, 0%. and Pharmacology, i think imma stop here before i get myself into trouble.

and my fever is murdering me lor. so dizzy somemore. 4 panadol extras. still fever. die.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

oh man...

school starts tomorrow. boo. ):

Saturday, October 11, 2008

PICTURES of KL & Genting Trip :D

photo by missy soh. gotta love the clouds man...
MAY MAY!!!!! :D
Hamigua and moi. (oh my tian. so damn niang i wanna puke.)
(MAY) X 6
Radius Hotel.
photo courtesy of Missy Soh (got green smoke coming out of your comps not?)

Petronas Twin Towers


taken when we were in one of the gondolas.

View of Genting

First World Hotel
Inside First World Plaza- Oscar Statue
Inside First World Plaza- Statue of Liberty
Views from First World Hotel. :)
right. i know its so little la. but as you all might already know. my phone's camera SUCKS so i end up deleting most of the photos i've taken. anyway, there might be more coming up :) from salleh's camera!! :D

Friday, October 10, 2008

I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

the stupid internet went bonkers yet again. so i was mia.. before the kl trip. even the day before the trip, it wasn't working la. ROARR

then monday came and i was off to KL/GENTING!!!!!!!!!! :D
the trip was kinda fun. not as fun as i expected, but still enjoyable. ^^

it was relaxing somewhat.. and i've never seen so many palm trees in my entire life. very GREEN.

and i think i miss kl and genting already... including the super sucky hotel which doesn't even have a fridge. or a cabinet. or aircon (erm... not that we needed one really.. cos its already so cold..). and the constant headache throughout the trip. wahhaha

so, just gonna type those highlights. else this post will be never ending.
Day 1,
we stopped first at Yong Peng in KL. to buy the flies lunch and watch them die in it. have lunch and toilet break.

then second stopover at Times Square for "shopping" (nothing much to shop lor. and the prices were equivalent to singapore. so not much shopping done). and we ended up chilling at Starbucks.

and then, we headed over to Chinatown-Petaling Street. it was much much more interesting as compared to times square la. you get to bargain too.. very fulfilling... wahahaha

then it was getting late.. and we headed to Radius Hotel. got a room overlooking the pool. and the aircon was duper cold la. lol. salleh and me had PILLOW FIGHT!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!~~~ IS FUN DE OKAY!!!!! :D :D :D and suan bom caught us on camera!!! thank you very much lor!!! wahahhaah. then maymay came over!!! and we painted our nails. WAHAHAAHA.

Day 2,
we had breakfast in the hotel's Cafe in the Park which wasn't in a park.

then after brekkie, packed our luggage and continued our journey to genting.. stopped at Petronas Twin Towers for group and personal photo taking!! :D

then it was all the way to Genting Highland. took the gondolas(cable cars) up from Goh Tong Jaya. it was steep, and really really really misty. just a tad boring. rainforest view all the way..

then when we finally arrived, we were given free time of 4 freaking hours around First World Plaza. nothing much to shop too.. but still, better than times square. had lunch at kenny rogers, went for the super ticklish fish spa, and we ended up at Starbucks, yet again. LOL. took pics too!!! :D and the marble cheesecake was freaking niceeee.

then we finally checked into First World Hotel. :D and we watched tv and just chilled..

Day 3,
got the wristband for the all park after breakfast, then headed out to the outdoor theme park!! ahahah at that time, the more interesting games weren't working yet. so we played only a few games, then went back to first world plaza and booked movie tickets. LOL :D

wahahaahah. the went to another Starbucks. then talked bout when we were young. and omg lor!!!! ham and suan's childhood so happening de okay. walao. not fair. mine so boring lor. lol.

then after chatting, we went to waste more time while waiting for the movie. we went on the indoor Euro Express for multiple times lor. i think they think we're siao one. LOL. then we got bored and went to play the adult Bumper Car. LOL.

then went to catch DISASTER MOVIE!!!!!!!! :D lol. M18 movie somemore. we are such great liars. no la. it was freaking easy de okay. ahhahaha it was boring, but hilarious!!! ahahahaha and the cinema there was much much much better than Singapore's Lido okay. which has a urine smell, very poor quality screen, and if the person infront of you has a big head, you can't see a thing, cos the seats are all built on the same level, not on steps.

erhem. so, after the movie, went to the outdoor theme park!!! and it was duper duper duper misty at the end. cos it was gonna rain.. but it was really nice.. just like standing amongst clouds..

then we went to snow world!! which was within the first world plaza. oh, and it was FREAKING cold!!!!!!! SUPER DUPER COLD. like -5 degrees. and the snow got in our shoes and it burned our feet and it hurts like hell. but it was ABSOLUTELY FUN you shouldn't miss it. then took photos tooooooo :D ahahhaha then we played the sledging thing which hurt our butts. and xuan got a mighty scary bruise on her hip cos the stupid stupid guy at the top doesn't know how to estimate time and just push you down the slope, as soon as, no, scratch that, even before you are seated properly. one after the other. and we went down backwards. and at the bottom, suan crashed into or flew over this boy lo. who was unharmed. poor thing lo suan. we should of climbed to the top again and stuffed his face full of the salty salty snow la.

okay, then we went back to the hotel again. warmed up abit, then decided to get dinner of instant maggi. shopped at this Lacey Lace shop on the way...

Day 4,
headed back to kl.. stopover at a supermarket... eh... i forgot the name... bought a hell lot of things lor. HAAHAAH

then second stopover at Nilai to shop. it was freaking warm and sunny there. ahhahaha.

then continued on back to Yong Peng again. for toilet break. we were supposed to be headed to Geylang Patah one leh. dunno sia. then our guide switched to bus 1 and we didn't go anymore?? kns. !*&%^&

then went to customs alr. walao. dun wan say bout this part lor. WADDAHELL. LOL. then bus dropped us off a bukit gombak. wahahhaaha. and our trip came to an end at ard 8pm.

i'll post pictures maybe tomorrow!! :)

and cos i wasn't in Singapore, i missed wishing 3 of them loves.

Oct 5th,

Oct 6th

Oct 7th



Friday, October 3, 2008

Day 14 LAST DAY OF CA!!!

YEA!! today is the last day of our 2nd clinical attachment!! and i'm so happy!!!

met them student nurses of W75 at dhoby ghaut. shopped ard. bought two big big cakes for the whole ward.. lynn, jessica and moi bought those note-holders thingy and 1 merci chocs for station a alone. really grateful to them la. ask anyone else and most likely they will tell you they got scolded. at least once, during their attachment.

so, attachment has ended like finally okay.


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Day 13

i shan't blog bout Day 13. cos there is seriously nothing to say and i'm getting really sick of typing the routine over and over again i'm so bo-liao i can't stand it.

1 MORE DAY LEFT and i can't wait. and after that one more day, imma be in kl/genting alr.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


see la. some people got too much time la. so innocent people like me kena this kinda thing la. good lor. but i'm so guai. i follow instructions de. so dun stab me okay. (:

nydia... the quiz say tag 4 only leh :( how come i'm doing this huh?? *confused* LOL.. okay nvm get this over and done with la.

A) People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blogs; replace any question that they dislike with a new question formulated by themselves.
B) Tag 4 people to do this quiz; those who are tagged cannot refuse. These people must state who they were tagged by; cannot tag the person whom they were tagged by. Continue this game by sending it to other people.

List: Missy Soh, Fel , Shiqi, Wilson (because its my ambition to bully all of you :D thank me for the extra hits la k? ahahaahahhh)

1. What are your nicks?
★ jen, jenny, siao char bor, ah girl?! (lol i dunno la.)
2. What do you do before bedtime?
★ eh.. i don't have a bedtime de wor.
3. How good is your sense of direction?
★ ahahah i'm always lost de leh. haaha. conclusion: sucks.
4. What is your favorite snack?
★ C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-E
5. What video/ arcade/ computer games do you feel like playing at the moment?
★ hmm... currently downloading cooking dash!??!? dun think its nice leh.. but i'm so bored anyway la..
6. What do you eat the most? (other than rice)

★ hmm.. i dun quite like rice... so i dun really have alot of it??.. uh.. sugar?!?!? its in EVERYTHING isn't it?! ahhaha dunno
7.Do you trust easily?
★ depends...
8. What’s the oldest piece of clothing in your wardrobe?
★ ermmm.. i'm not sure leh.. the super comfy green skirt i wore for CNY??? when i was 14??? there's got to be something older than that...
9. Is there anything that has made you unhappy these days?

★ uh-huh. i can't figure out what in particular though..
10. Do you have a good body image?
★ heh. nope. what do you think?!
11. Is being tagged fun?
★ uh... i guess it fine?? when you're really really bored??
12. What websites do you visit daily often?
★ msn!??! moi blog, other ppl's blog, just random sites..
13. Who are currently the most important people to you?

★ moi family.
14. What kind of person do you wanna be?
★ i wanna be _______ (uh.. i'm still figuring that out XD)
15. What's the last song that got stuck inside your head?

★ T-shirt by Shontelle? it has such a nice melody.. hahahaha
16. What’s your favorite item of clothing?
★ skinny jeans?? its like so yesterdayyy?? but wadever. its so versatile!!
17. What’s your all time favourite thing you know you shouldn't be doing?
★ surfing the net so much. like duh.
18. If you had $1,000,000,000,000 in cash, what would you do with it?

★ wad do you say?
19. What items could you not go without during the day?

★ HANDPHONE, $$$, eh... clothes?
20. Whose the person you last thought of?
★ dun tell you. nehnehnipoopoo. nobody la!!!
21. What do you want to buy right now?
★ HOOOOOODDDDIIIIIIEEE (FEL FEL!!!! faster send me the link k??? loves~~)
21. What personality trait do you wish to possess?
★ erm... higher self-esteem?? bah.
22. Did you notice that there are two twenty ones??
★ eh... i created this question so wad do you think?