Sunday, September 28, 2008

Singapore F1 Grand Prix

wahahahaa this time was abit more interesting!!! The results didn't turn out as expected too.. hahahaha

1st Place: Fernando Alonso [Renault] of Spain
-completed 61 laps in 1hr 5 mins.

2nd Place: Nico Rosberg [Williams-Toyota] of Germany
-2.9 seconds behind

3rd Place: Lewis Hamilton [McLaren-Mercedes] of Great Britain

hahahahaa told you it was unexpected. Lewis Hamilton leh. 3rd place wor.

wait, you know Felipe Massa [Ferrari]? got in 1st yesterday right. today? the finals? he got in 13th place okay. the difference is so big one know.

then Kimi Raikkonen [Ferrari] who got in 3rd yesterday, didn't make the full 61 laps la. i tell you hor. so wasted you know. and he didn't crash at the last 50th or 30th or 10th round lor. he crashed when he was left with just 4 laps away okay. wah..


off topic: sian. tmr is work day again. and i'm not not not looking forward to it! i think of the irritating-as-ever woman and i go into sian mode straight away lor. holy mama. nvm. i shall ENDURE. 4 MORE FREAKING DAYS. GOD BLESS ME.

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