Sunday, September 28, 2008

Singapore F1 Grand Prix [Qualifying Round]

well.. watched the Singapore F1 Grand Prix [Qualifying Round] ytd. it was kinda boring... dunno why. shit lor. i'm still lamenting over the fact that i could have been there!!!!! you know... watch it live. would have been much much much more interesting la. you know. the crowd. the atmosphere and everything. sadded. nvm lo.

anyway, the crowd was HUGE.

Felipe Massa [Ferrari] got in first lor.
Lewis Hamilton [Maclaren Mercedes] got in 2nd.
-you know hor. he's so pro lor. i think halfway la.. he suay suay kena technical problems wor. then delayed wor. ended up in 14th place. but the last few mins of the race hor, wah, he totally pwn-ed everyone and completed the race in 2nd place leh. damn fast de wor...

Kimi Raikkonen [Ferrari] got in 3rd.
has the F1 fever hit you yet? it hasn't really hit me. nope. it hasn't. and its saddening.

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